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Are You in the Mood fof Medal of Honor Multiplayer Gameplay?

evolveteam July 1, 2010 0

With a multiplayer-beta available now, EA reveals some gameplay to lure Modern Warfare fiends to their FPS. Does it have what it takes to dethrone Call of Duty as the best shooter on the

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Oh Sh*t, Crysis 2: Salvage Central Station Trailer

evolveteam June 28, 2010 0

Portal 2 got some competition during the holiday season. And all three versions (PS3, Xbox 360 and PC) are 3D compatible. This is ridiculous. Go EA! [ ?posts_id=3824077&dest=-

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E3 Portal 2 Gameplay

evolveteam June 25, 2010 0

Valve shows off the goods of Portal 2, which will see a PS3 release as well. Can you say Game of the Year? Thank IGN for the footage. [ ?posts_id=3807552&dest=-

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E3 Socom 4 Trailer, Features Move Functionality

evolveteam June 22, 2010 0

New title, new platform and new campaign. Sony looks to make SOCOM 4, ala Special Forces a first-person hit again. With the addition of Sony’s Motion Move implemented, they might get want they want.

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Contra Returns: Hard Corps Uprising Gameplay

evolveteam June 14, 2010 0

Game Videos got to experience Konami’s Contra spin-off, Hard Corps: Uprising in action. Arc System Works is putting in work, and it looks good so far. Notice the addition of a life bar at

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Halo Reach: Good, Bad-Ass & Ugly Trailer

evolveteam June 10, 2010 0

Which will describe your gameplay skills. Halo: Reach hits stores September 14. [ ?posts_id=3697195&dest=-

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Konami Announces Contra: Hard Corps Sequel

evolveteam June 4, 2010 0

IGN reports Konami will bring a sequel to their beloved Sega Genesis title, Contra: Hard Corps, to Xbox Live and PSN this winter. Dubbed Hard Corps: Uprising, gamers will engage in the typical run-and-gun

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Kane & Lynch 2: Cops & Robbers Multiplayer Trailer

evolveteam May 27, 2010 0

You’ll never take me alive copper. Kane & Lynch 2 adds some nostaligic value to it’s multiplayer, with the all-new Cops & Robbers mode. Here’s a close look. [ ?posts_id=3696978&dest=-

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Red Dead Redemption Launch Trailer

evolveteam May 14, 2010 0

Rockstar’s coming out guns blazing with their shoot’em up Red Dead Revolver. As Cactus Jack would put it…Bang, Bang! [ ?posts_id=3640165&dest=-

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