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Capcom Reveals Screens For Both Resident Evil Nintendo 3DS Games

Capcom Reveals Screens For Both Resident Evil Nintendo 3DS Games

evolveteam December 10, 2010 0

The Nintendo 3DS is nearly three and a half months away from launch, and Capcom looks to bank on the 3D handheld by releasing two entries in the Resident Evil franchise—RE: Revalations and RE:

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Evolve Exclusive: Lost Planet 2 Hands-On (Part 2)

evolveteam May 3, 2010 0

In our second look at Capcom’s action shooter, Community Specialist Shawn Baxter talks online multiplayer, team battle gauges, new vital suits, and charity? Yes, charity! Download the Lost Planet 2 demo and join the

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Evolve Exclusive: Lost Planet 2 Hands-On (Part 1)

evolveteam May 1, 2010 0

Two weeks away from release, Capcom invited the Evolve team for a sneak speak at their highly anticipated sequel, Lost Planet 2. Community Specialist Shawn Baxter fills us in on the story, weapons classes

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New Lost Planet 2 Trailer Explores Gameplay and Setting

evolveteam March 10, 2010 0

Capcom gives gamers a closer look at the control mechanics and world of Lost Planet 2. Happy Hunting!

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Lost Planet 2 Treasure Borrachos Trailer

evolveteam January 28, 2010 0

Looks like the Road Warrior meets Star Wars Pod Racing. Those V-suits are looking pretty sweet!

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Lost Planet 2 Boss Screens

evolveteam December 3, 2009 0

A cold rush shivers down our spines after looking at what boss battles await gamers once Capcom’s Lost Planet 2 hits the shelves. The house that Mega Man built continues to strong-arm the next-ngen

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Resident Evil 5: Director's Cut?

evolveteam September 24, 2009 0

Voice of Jill Valentine, Patricia Ja Lee, drops an interesting dime around the 7-minute mark. She lets it slip she’s working on “the director’s cut that’s coming out for Resident Evil 5.” Could she

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Lost Planet 2 Demo Heats Up For August

evolveteam August 15, 2009 0

Lost Planet on the Xbox 360 was a classic and Evolve looks forward to the anticipated sequel. Capcom recently revealed on August 19th a co-op demo for LP2 will be available for download, but

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