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Retro-Active: Gradius

evolveteam July 10, 2009 0

In a time where beat’em-ups and sport games reign supreme, space shooters never receives any props. During the 8-bit era, equality was shared amongst several gaming genres. And we’re sure somewhere in your NES

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E3 2009 Coverage: Metal Gear Solid Mania

evolveteam June 4, 2009 0

Hideo Kojima let us all know he’s working on not one, but four new games. One being a new installment of Castlevania, titled Lords of Shadow, and another being Metal Gear Arcade. Yes, MG

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Kojima Playing Games

evolveteam May 18, 2009 0

Metal Gear Solid mastermind Hideo Kojima loves to toy with gamers emotions. Last week he posted a flash page with a countdown and the number 5 (or letter S in block format), creating chaos

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Contra Coming To WiiWare

evolveteam May 11, 2009 0

It sucks to be in America. Why? Well, apparently Konami is scheduled to launch a new Contra game—tomorrow on the Japanese WiiWare online store. Titled Contra: Rebirth, the game will tackle the same the

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