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‘Evil Dead’ Director to Tackle ‘Dante’s Inferno’ Film

‘Evil Dead’ Director to Tackle ‘Dante’s Inferno’ Film

evolveteam September 18, 2013 1

EA's version of the game is hitting the big screen

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Super Mario's Inferno Parody

evolveteam March 18, 2010 0

Everyone’s favorite plumber ventures into the world of EA’s Dante’s Inferno to save…you guessed it…Princess Peach. The Kings Brothers have some fun with the Mushroom Kingdom

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Dante's Inferno DLC Trailer

evolveteam February 9, 2010 0

Get a glimpse of what the Trials of St. Lucia hold for DLC cravers

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Death Kills of the Week go to Dante

evolveteam February 2, 2010 0

No not Dante from Devil May Cry fame, EA’s Dante&#

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Evolve Exclusive: Sony's Present & Future Preview

evolveteam December 10, 2009 1

The Evolve team joined the exclusive crowd over at Sony’s Present & Future Preview event at the Openhouse Gallery in Soho. With their 2010 exclusives hovering above the crowd and third party blockbusters making

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Dante's Inferno Developer Trailer

evolveteam November 13, 2009 0

Curious to see what demons the developers of EA’s Dante’s Inferno encounter? Take a look!

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Video Games are The Devil!

evolveteam June 9, 2009 0

…says video game developer Electronic Arts!? In the latest example of stealth marketing. The team behind EA’s newest, “Dante’s Inferno”, hired actors to protest outside the E3 Convention with picket signs. The team also

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