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Kepler's Latest Concept Car…OMG

evolveteam December 16, 2009 0

Is this new all-wheel drive supercar is built to thrust you from zero to sixty in 2.5 seconds? Better recognize. Striving through innovation, new startup Kepler Motors is about to unveil its first vehicle

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The Ankonian/Batmobile Replica

evolveteam December 14, 2009 0

Batman may have hit his mark with this one, going down as the coolest superhero of all time. The mere gadgets at his disposal give him the nudge, but how he arrives in-style shoves

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Tesla Roadster Both Electric and Attractive

evolveteam October 2, 2009 0

A sports car thats both electric and visually stunning, its hard to believe, but somehow the Tesla Roadster pulls it off. But are electric speed cars your cup of tea

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