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Big Daddy #2 Enters Rapture

evolveteam August 6, 2010 0

Some hardcore GameInformer reader ran across this new screenshot for the upcoming Minerva’s Den DLC pack for BioShock 2. So who or what is that? Well, Big Daddy’s new look. You like

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Big Daddy Brings Rapture to Bioshock Nike Sneakers

Big Daddy Brings Rapture to Bioshock Nike Sneakers

evolveteam February 22, 2010 0

Look what Brass Monki decided to unravel during their recent trip to the underwater utopia of Rapture. Size 10 1/2 please—Chop, Chop!

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BioShock 2 Review

evolveteam February 11, 2010 0

All the enticing plot twists, including the strong coalesce of gameplay mechanics and exploration embodied the stellar outing that was 2007’s Game of the Year—BioShock. If you missed or forgot the first entry, let

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Bioshock 2 Launch Trailer

evolveteam February 3, 2010 0

Return to Rapture February 9th&#

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Chilling Bioshock 2 Screens

evolveteam January 11, 2010 0

Rapture welcomes you back. Here’s a glimpse at the February dated sequel to the 2008 Game of the Year

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Evolve Exclusive: Sony's Present & Future Preview

evolveteam December 10, 2009 1

The Evolve team joined the exclusive crowd over at Sony’s Present & Future Preview event at the Openhouse Gallery in Soho. With their 2010 exclusives hovering above the crowd and third party blockbusters making

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Box Art For Mass Effect and Bioshock Sequels

evolveteam November 18, 2009 0

Two highly anticipated sequels, two unoriginal box art covers

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Bioshock 2 Gameplay Footage

evolveteam September 4, 2009 0

It’s been delayed till early 2010, but 2K is building the anticipation for Bioshock 2. And this trailer from PAX is sure to build off of that

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