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Resident Evil Afterlife TV Spot #1

evolveteam August 4, 2010 0

Who knew man’s best friend was so vicious. Resident Evil: Afterlife keeps looking better with every trailer. [blip.tv ?posts_id=3980157&dest=-

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Disney Readying The Lion King 3D?

evolveteam June 24, 2010 0

Off the box office success of the Toy Story 3-D, Walt Disney has plans of re-releasing and converting a few of their classics from the vault. First up…The Lion King 3D. Oscar nominated producer,

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Nintendo 3DS Launches March 31, 2011

evolveteam June 24, 2010 0

Nintendo of America big dog, Reggie Fils-Aime, gives Industry Gamers the green light on the Nintendo 3DS US release date

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Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer 2

evolveteam June 22, 2010 0

Another trailer, another reason to see the fourth Resident Evil film. Oh yea, and something about that 3D technology also strikes a chord. [blip.tv ?posts_id=3804556&dest=-

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Men in Black 3 Teaser

evolveteam June 13, 2010 0

Shameless promotion at it’s finest. We still can’t figure which plug is worst: MIB 3-D or Sony as a whole. [blip.tv ?posts_id=3759688&dest=-

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The Trinity Unite in Resident Evil: Afterlife Screens

evolveteam May 27, 2010 1

Alice (Milla Jovovich), Chris (Wentworth Miller) and Claire Redfield (Ali Larter)…what more can be said? Resident Evil: Afterlife looks incredible so far, and it’s 3-D presentation is already gearing the film to have one

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Killzone 3-D?

evolveteam May 26, 2010 0

GamePro subscribers are in for a treat. The latest issue of the gaming magazine reports Sony’s Killzone 3 will include the option to play the FPS in 3-D. Plus, the game will place heavy

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Nintendo 3DS Allows User to Switch 3D Functionality

evolveteam May 18, 2010 1

Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, recently revealed that gamers will have the option to toggle between the 3D visual of the anticipated Nintendo 3DS handheld. The specific reason for making 3D optional is the company

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Captain America's Shield Flying in 3-D

evolveteam May 13, 2010 0

The L.A. Times reports the following: Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige admitted he and his team had considered converting the superhero sequel (Iron Man 2) into 3-D after seeing the success of “Avatar” and

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