Star Wars Developer Begins Work on New Game

evolveteam September 3, 2015 0

Dallas Dickson former developer for the game Star Wars: The Old Republic has moved to work with the well-known online gaming company Nexon to develop a brand new game for them. Dickson has brought together many veteran game developers who have worked on such titles as The Old Republic, Dark Age of Camelot, and even Warhammer Online to work with him his brand new company QC games and the publisher Nexon to make an online multiplayer action game.

While at the moment no information can be found about what exactly this game is going to be about or feature Dickson has come out to make a statement in regards to this new company:

“Having the freedom to bring our vision to life is paramount to me and my team, working with Nexon America provides us creative control as well as deep support from a partner who understands the online market better than anyone else.”

With this kind of talent behind the development and Nexon’s countless fans this game would appear to have a good chance of becoming a big hit, stay with us as we reveal any new information that will be revealed about this amazing mystery game.