Samsung Launches Milk Video Service for Discovering Viral Videos on Galaxy Devices

evolveteam November 21, 2014 0
Samsung Milk Video

You don’t typically put a technology giant and milk together, but less than a year ago Samsung joined the music-streaming world with Milk Music. Today Milk had its cup refilled, now supporting video streaming.

Aptly named Milk Video, this new service makes it easier to search for viral videos from any Samsung Galaxy device. Milk Video streaming is not a Netflix or Amazon Instant competitor, instead it will bring content from a variety of partners such as College Humor, Cracked, Buzzfeed, and many more. You can even follow other Milk Video users and share favorites among your friends.

The service will limit video length, most falling within the 8-20 minute range. The final say seems to fall upon the content provider. At launch the service is only available in the United States and is exclusive to Samsung Galaxy devices.