Industry Talk: Samsung Galaxy S5 Review Roundup

evolveteam April 8, 2014 0
Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit

Image via CNET


The Galaxy S5 absolutely is a premium, fast phone that I would buy and use every day. Its improvements over the Galaxy S4 are small, but they add up to a smoother experience. The phone’s high-quality camera won’t let you down, there are plenty of features to keep you occupied, and the display is bright and beautiful. And even though it is plastic, the water-resistant seals are an extra perk if you often head to the pool, hot tub, or beach.

If those things matter to you, or if you’ve always been a Galaxy phone fan, then by all means grab the Galaxy S5. And of course, if you’ve ordered a Gear Fit, Gear 2, or Gear 2 Neo, or you already own the original Galaxy Gear smartwatch, it’s a no-brainer; it’s one of the select Samsung phones that will work with these wearables.

I would, however, skip the Galaxy S5 if you like metal covering your smartphone, if you don’t need every feature under the sun, or if you prefer a cleaner version of Android. Also move along if you’re on a budget — in some regions, the Galaxy S5 costs significantly more than other premium handsets