Return of the Dodge Viper

evolveteam July 16, 2012 0
2013 Dodge Viper SRT Forza Horizon

More Civilized, Still Not Tamed

Don’t mistake the new refinements for removing what makes the Viper special. For all the little tweaks, Dodge’s coupe will still deliver the rawest driving experience that you can buy off the showroom floor. It’s a car that makes no apologies for what it flaunts: a big motor, a bad attitude, and an overall finish that makes you work for the performance it offers.

The world needs cars like the Viper; a vehicle to dream about, drool over, and work to own one day. These are the cars that grace posters and even videogames like Forza Horizon. Refinements aside, the Viper is still the epitome of fast and loud, and still inspires people to become gearheads. It may not save the planet, but it sure makes it a better place to be.

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