Mojang Has Free Reign Over Minecon

Jager Robinson March 26, 2015 0

Mojangstas can rejoice and the world is at peace once more… Well, not really, but Microsoft did give us Minecraft fans one great bit of news, they won’t interfere with Minecon! As many of you may or should know, Microsoft bought Mojang Studios last year for a staggering $2.5 Bah..bah..billion dollars and the tech giant has altered Minecraft ever so slightly since but this convention is not in their plans.

A Microsoft spokesperson talked to GamesBeat and exclaimed: “Mojang is running Minecon 2015 in the same manner as their past events. We’re playing a supporting role; we want to listen, learn, and be inspired by the community that has made Minecraft great.”

Tickets for Minecon, which will be held in London again, go on sale in two batches, the first of which go on sale tomorrow March 27th. While no programming has been announced for Minecon, Microsoft has expressed that many famous YouTubers of the game will be there and even a few new surprises for Minecraft fans!

The Microsoft spokesperson ended the quote with: “It was important to us to help where needed but let Mojang carry on the tradition of Minecon as a meaningful celebration of the Minecraft community.”

For all the skeptics out there, it is important to note that Microsoft has been pretty tame on changes to Minecraft. The only significant thing they have done to prove that they own Mojang is release the Simpsons Skin pack early to Xbox… I’d say that is pretty relaxed ownership if anything.