Less.Mail Auto-Composes Your Response

Linda Tell October 28, 2014 0
Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 9.29.00 PM

It seems like everyone’s on the same page here: email needs an upgrade. Last week, Google introduced Inbox, an app that revolutionizes the way we view and receive messages. Now another app is out, also seeking to change our email habits.

Less.Mail is an Android app that reads your messages aloud, and then uses voice recognition technology to record your response. Yet, it doesn’t simply send your message, but rather, it auto-composes texts that convey the general gist of your words. The app will also sync email invites to your calendar in addition to a handful of other helpful tasks.

The best part about Less.Mail is right in its name: you’ll have fewer emails to sift through, as your response will already be automatically sent. Which app do you think will prevail? Inbox, or Less.Mail?