E3 Exclusive Mad Catz Arcade Stick Tournament Edition 2 Preview for Xbox One

evolveteam June 12, 2013 0
E3 2013 Mad Catz Arcade Stick Tournament Edition 2

Through the past three gaming generations, Mad Catz has become a staple in the gaming accessories market on nearly every major platform from the PSOne to the Xbox 360. Speaking of Microsoft consoles, the company was recently announced as one of the primary third-party accessory creators for the upcoming Xbox One during the PC giant’s media briefing Monday night. How’s that for a co-sign, huh? Now that the cat’s been let out of the bag and Xbox gamers can expect a new installment in the Killer Instinct series for the next-gen system, tournament fighters are already on the hunt for an awesome fighting peripheral to go with the game. Say hello to the Mad Catz Arcade Stick Tournament Edition 2.

The updated fight controller is set to debut on the Xbox One, plus flaunts a new design, control module, and even shoulder strap handles. What? Yes, seriously. That’s not all According to Mad Catz, the Tournament Edition 2 will be accessible inside with the promise of some insane customization capabilities being teased by the manufacturer, which should be unveiled heading towards the launch of the Xbox One. Mad Catz’s own Alex Verry delivers the goods for EvolveTV at E3 2013.

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