From Luxury to Necessity: Using Your Smartphone to Stay on Budget

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Bank Apps: Get Alerts, Manage Your Funds and Monitor Your Identity

Wherever you bank, your institution most likely has an app. And your bank app can be your best friend in managing funds and combating personal identity theft. Many banks even have remote check deposit features built into their apps as well.

Sign up for purchase alerts and low-balance texts so that you never overdraft, again. Over time, this will allow you to fix your credit (if it’s terrible) and become a more responsible consumer.

Stop thinking of your phone as a frivolous luxury, and instead, consider it more as a necessary money-saving device. Once you start using it to stay on budget, your entire life will seem easier and less cash-strapped. And your phone bill will start looking like a wise investment. As long as you have your smartphone connected to a wireless internet, you will be able to access and use any of the listed apps. Click this link to learn more information on wireless internet networks.

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