The 10 Best iPhone 5 Cases (Vol. 1)

evolveteam September 21, 2012 0
Incase-Metallic-Slider-Case iPhone 5

Incase Metallic Slider Case

Combing a durable hard shell with soft-touch coating, Incase’s offering is built to take the heaviest bumps: in style. Easily dock and charge the phone by lifting the case’s removable base. Worried about the interior? The manufacturer’s made sure to include a guardrail to support shock absorption.

Buy it now at Incase for $35

BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Case for iPhone 5

Keyboard Buddy Case

The QWERTY smartphone market might be dying out, but for those who still prefer physical buttons over the touchscreen, the Buddy Case is your go-to-protector. Type emails or tweets using the slide-out, back-lit Bluetooth keyboard, which features five rows of evenly spaced keys for comfortable typing. It beats going the Android or (dare we say) BlackBerry route.

Buy it now at BoxWave for $90

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