The 10 Best Gaming Accessories of PAX 2013

evolveteam March 25, 2013 7
Best gaming accessories of pax east Cooler Master Lee Harrington HAF XB Case Mods

Cooler Master Lee Harrington HAF XB Case Mods

PCJunkies Mods modder, Lee Harrington, added some flavor to CM’s new HAF (High Air Flow) XB thanks to the addition of some sweet customizations. Harrington blessed the machine with an Intel SSD near the front-end, along with a 240mm radiator, Z77 Intel motherboard, 2xEVGA 680 Hydro Coppers, fully-modular MSU, and more. Consider it an essential for all major LAN events.

Best gaming accessories of Pax 2013 Moga Pro

MoGA Pro Controller

After coming on strong with last year’s compact and collapsible Moga controller, PowerA’s decided to tackle on a bigger form factor with the Pro gamepad. The portable gaming peripheral was built to accommodate bigger Android-powered devices including the Samsung Galaxy Note series and 7-inch tablets, while offering an Xbox 360-inspired control layout. Besides being lighter and providing more battery life, the Pro’s Bluetooth connection remits no lag to ensure accurate controller feedback.

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