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TriForce Talks Wii U Impressions, Metroid and Zelda U, & Trademark Power Glove

TriForce Talks Wii U Impressions, Metroid and Zelda U, & Trademark Power Glove

evolveteam September 24, 2012 1

Nintendo's biggest fans reflects on the next-gen system and offers insight on Wii U versions of Zelda and Metroid Prime

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The Hedgehog Takes Hat Off for Sonic Colors Bonus

evolveteam July 30, 2010 1

We’re not sure what Sega’s inspiration for was for this pre-order incentive, but its cute for kids we guess. Reserve the Wii exclusive, Sonic Colors, and walk away with a Sonic-inspired hat. Rapper Charles

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Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Trailer

evolveteam June 16, 2010 1

Now the world can embrace the virtual beauty that is Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. [ ?posts_id=3779072&dest=-1] Move ahead to check out some more screenshots&#

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Ghostbusters Proton Pack Wii Controller

evolveteam February 26, 2010 0

Where was modder Jack Rossi when the next-gen Ghostbusters game flopped? A little too late now, but his Proton Pack peripheral was the perfect gimmick that could have possibly saved the Wii edition. The

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Wii Classic Controller Pro Bundled with Monster Hunter Tri

evolveteam January 25, 2010 0

Hmmm, no wonder Capcom took so long to bring over Monster Hunter Tri to North America. April is the time frame, and this time Nintendo will bundle the title with the Classic Controller Pro,

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Gold-Plated Nintendo Wii

evolveteam December 18, 2009 0

Damn!!!!! This stunning customized Nintendo Wii weighs in at about 5.5 lbs. of 22ct gold. The front buttons are crusted with 78 0.25 carat diamonds, but would you spend $490,000 on it

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Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Mega Man Specials

evolveteam December 16, 2009 0

The bluebot and his cute sidekick show us what they’re really made of in this trailer for the Wii exclusive

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Trailer

evolveteam December 3, 2009 0

The Nintendo Wii gets another horror title, and this time, it’s being praised as one of the Wii’s best. Resident Evil can’t hold the fort down fir that long, can it

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November Wii Games Montage

evolveteam December 2, 2009 0

Check out what you might have missed this month on the Wii

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