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Splatterhouse Screenshots Bloody All Screens

evolveteam February 26, 2010 0

After numerous delays, can Namco Bandai resurrect Rick properly? These screenshots are convincing us they can. Check out the rest of these splatter-filled pics after the jump

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Tekken Film Trailer

evolveteam January 16, 2010 0

Better than any Street Fighter film, with the cheese factor of Dragon Ball Z&#

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Dead to Rights: Retribution Combat Video

evolveteam October 23, 2009 0

It’s Drake 2 Meets Killzone, executed horribly!

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Tekken 6 Arcade Bundle

evolveteam June 23, 2009 0

GameStop continues to stack up on exclusives for the holiday season. Now they’ve added the Tekken 6 Arcade Bundle. Owners will get a wireless Hori arcade stick, calender and artbook. Better put in that

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E3 2009 Coverage: Tekken 6

evolveteam June 4, 2009 0

Namco Bandai didn’t learn their lesson with the Nina spin-off, Death by Degrees. So what do they do? They include a new Scenario Campaign Mode in their upcoming Tekken title, Tekken 6. It’s basically

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New Tekken 6 HD Trailer

evolveteam April 22, 2009 1

With Sega’s Virtua Fighter on a minor break, the pressure’s on Tekken 6 to feed the 3-D Fighter aficionados. The latest HD trailer has hit the web and honestly…we don’t know what to think?

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