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Evolve Exclusive: Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring Hands-On

evolveteam May 10, 2010 0

Director of Slang, Federico Beyer, discusses gameplay, storyline and rules and technicals for the high-flying Lucha Libree AAA: Heroes del Ring. Konami’s ready to compete in the ring with THQ’s Smackdown Vs. Raw series.

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Evolve Exclusive: Lost Planet 2 Hands-On (Part 2)

evolveteam May 3, 2010 0

In our second look at Capcom’s action shooter, Community Specialist Shawn Baxter talks online multiplayer, team battle gauges, new vital suits, and charity? Yes, charity! Download the Lost Planet 2 demo and join the

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Evolve Exclusive: Lost Planet 2 Hands-On (Part 1)

evolveteam May 1, 2010 0

Two weeks away from release, Capcom invited the Evolve team for a sneak speak at their highly anticipated sequel, Lost Planet 2. Community Specialist Shawn Baxter fills us in on the story, weapons classes

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Evolve Exclusive: Activision’s Blur

evolveteam April 27, 2010 1

Associate Producer Lip Ho breaks racing modes, multiplayer, power-ups and ranking systems in our exclusive look at Activision’s Blur. See what this racer and Call of Duty share in common. [blip.tv ?posts_id=3560797&dest=-

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Evolve Exclusive: Transformers War for Cybertron

evolveteam April 26, 2010 0

Director of High Moon Studios, Matt Tieger, discusses the Transformers universe, multiplayer, voice acting, playable characters and much more in our exclusive look at War for Cybertron. [blip.tv ?posts_id=3553731&dest=-

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Evolve Exclusive: UFC 2010 Undisputed Press Event

evolveteam March 30, 2010 0

UFC President Dana White brought out a couple of big dogs including Heavyweight Champ Brock Lesnar and vet Chuck Liddell for the 2010 UFC Undisputed 2010 Press Event at the M2 Ultralounge in New

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