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5 Gaming DLC Packs To Keep On Your Radar in 2014

5 Gaming DLC Packs To Keep On Your Radar in 2014

evolveteam December 26, 2013 2

Keep last year's games fresh with new content

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Capcom Announces Dead Rising 2 Outbreak Pack for Europe

evolveteam July 14, 2010 0

Go figure, another collector’s edition not hitting the states. Capcom gives Europe the Dead Rising 2 Outbreak Pack, which consists of a 12” zombie figurine and accessories like a Servbot head, along with a

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Capcom's Dead Rising 2 Pre-Order Prologue

evolveteam February 12, 2010 0

Pick your poison&#

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Dead Rising Film Rises From the Grave…

evolveteam January 29, 2010 0

The transition from gaming to motion picture has become routine. Game developer, Keiji Inafune takes on the movie director role and adds his own spin to everyone’s second favorite zombie slaying franchise from Capcom,

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Dead Rising 2 TGS Trailer

evolveteam September 25, 2009 0

The Running Man meets Rollerball meets Zombieland. This looks so crazy!

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Capcom's Platinum Triple Play

evolveteam August 11, 2009 0

Lost Planet: Colonies Edition, Devil May Cry 4 and Dead Rising all bundled as a Platinum Hits package? Believe it! Capcom’s biggest next-gen franchises come in a 3-in-1 bargain for $39.99. Hey Sony, where’s

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Capcom Twitters About Top Secret Sequel

evolveteam August 5, 2009 0

Someone at Capcom gets off teasing gamers. A recent tweet from their Twitter page, Capcom_Unity, revealed the following from a company rep, “In five , we’re having a meeting to discuss a new game

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Dead Rising 2 Trailer

evolveteam April 28, 2009 0

Capcom has released the latest trailer for its zombie infested sequel Dead Rising 2. The game takes place a few years after the events of the original and will introduce players to a new

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