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Apple (Tablet) Wants to Save the Music

evolveteam July 27, 2009 0

Apple’s supposed 10″, interactive touch screen iPod/tablet computer may have been the stuff of techy dreams just a year ago but now it seems that: not only is it real but it’s also shouldering

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iPhone To Remix Pac-Man

evolveteam July 22, 2009 0

The yellow fella will be getting his gluttonous hunger on, again, as Namco is prepping an all-new game for the iPhone titled Pac-Man: Remix. Now gamers will have the ability to jump over walls

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NES Controller iPhone Case

evolveteam July 21, 2009 0

Nostalgic Nintendo feens can go bonkers over Etsy’s new NES Controller Felt iPhone Case. Not bad for $25. Now all we need is some roms, a better control scheme for the iPhone, and everything

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Anti-Glare MacBooks In The Works?

evolveteam July 15, 2009 0

What else can Apple do to make MacBooks better? How about eliminating intolerable glares? According to AppleInsider, the computer giant is looking to create anti-glare options for future Macs. The 17-inch MacBook Pro is

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iPhone RE4

evolveteam July 14, 2009 0

Evolve has shown a mobile version of the Capcom classic Resident Evil 4 before on the site, but now footage has leaked of an iPhone version of the horror title. Japanese site Appbank supposedly

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EA and Sega Favor iPhone 3GS

evolveteam July 9, 2009 0

It happens with next-generation consoles and now it’s happening with the iPhone. IndustryGamers reports Sega and EA will be producing new games for the latest Apple phone, the iPhone 3GS, which will not be

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AT&T "Video Walkthrough For June 19th

evolveteam June 9, 2009 0

AT&T has posted a walkthrough video explaining how to order the new iPhone 3GS and what pricing you can expect. Unlike the iPhone 3G launch, Apple and AT&T are allowing pre-orders on the iPhone

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Portable MacBook Power

evolveteam May 5, 2009 0

Had someone told me they were able to run their Macbook Air for 32 hours straight on a single battery charge before, I would have told them “cocaine’s one helluva drug.” But now it’s

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Thanks a Billion!

evolveteam May 2, 2009 0

A special Congrats goes out to Apple and the App Store for the accomplishment of having over 1 billion downloaded applications in Nine Months. Keep up the good work! The one billionth app, Bump

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