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World of Warcraft Headsets Available for Pre-Order

evolveteam February 3, 2010 0

Last year World of Warcraft crazies caught a first-hand glimpse of Creative Labs’ Sound Blaster WOW Wireless Headsets at the 2009 BlizzCon. Now pre-orders are being taken at Amazon or Creative for Horde and

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Sony Creates God of War III PS3 Bundle For Overseas

Sony Creates God of War III PS3 Bundle For Overseas

evolveteam January 21, 2010 0

Europe and Japan stay getting the goodies. For starters, Amazon has listed the God of War III PS3 Bundle available March 17 in Europe for about €349.95 (roughly $490), which will include a 250GB

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UK Receiving MSI's All-In-One PC

evolveteam December 10, 2009 0

Another all-in-one PC hits Aussieville. MSI’s Wind Top AE2020 pimps a smaller and lower resolution 2-inch screen, with a 1,600 X 900 display. An Ion chipset paired with a 2.1GHz Pentium T4300 processor, standard

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Amazon Treats Rather Than Trick

evolveteam October 28, 2009 0

Looking for a sugary deal to fulfill your video gaming sweet tooth? Figured. Online retailer Amazon is running a special promotion right now: Spend $80 (on a select number of titles) and receive a

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Amazon's Ultimate Forza Motorsport Bundle

evolveteam September 27, 2009 0

This might be a little too excessive for an average gamer, but apparently its the right gift for any hardcore racer. Online retailer introduces their “Ultimate Racing Simulator” bundle; which includes a copy

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Amazon Gives $20 Credit For Pre-Ordering New Halo

evolveteam August 20, 2009 0

Amazon’s taking it to GameStop right now with this intriguing pre-order special. If you reserve Halo 3: ODST from the online retail chain, you’ll receive a $10 video game store credit, $5 extra with

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DJ Hero Priced

evolveteam June 18, 2009 0

Gamestop and Amazon are showing DJ Hero, the latest video game hands-on peripheral, will be released at the price of $119.99. Ante Up!

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Amazon's Kindle DX

evolveteam June 10, 2009 0

The Amazon Kindle reader is a wireless reading device that holds over 1,500 books and is just over 1/3 of an inch as thin as a magazine. It is 10.2 ounces. The Kindle holds

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