The 10 Best Mobile Games of PAX East 2013

evolveteam March 23, 2013 0
Best mobile Games of Pax East 2013 God of Blades

God of Blades

What resembles a PC title actually makes for one gorgeous-looking Android game. God of Blades serves as a fantasy adventure game that takes you across an alien world annihilating a “rampaging doom-cult“ with your phantom blades through an extensive campaign mode. Take in the game’s entrancing soundtrack, which is reminiscent of the fantasy and horror films of the past, along with 11 stunning background environments and the game’s survival-inspired Eternal Mode.
Download it Now at Google Play for $1

Zombie I Scream

Zombie I Scream

This iOS exclusive takes a totally different approach in terms of zombie games. No regular weapons here. Just an ice cream truck filled with government-supplied anti-zombie cones, which serve as your means of ammunition. Cool, right? Create different recipe flavors like “Minty Eyeball” and “Vein-illa Oblongata,” with toppings along the lines of blood and eyeballs to eliminate the threat. Guess we have another reason to scream for ice cream.
Download it Now at the Apple App Store for $1

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