2012 Holiday Gift Guide: The 10 Best Premium Ultrabooks

evolveteam November 23, 2012 0
2012 holiday gift guide lenovo yoga

Lenovo Yoga

Price: $1,000
Lenovo’s convertible gets the nod for being the most innovative ultrabook in its price class. The specially designed hinge, which enables it to switch from a laptop to tablet and prop the screen is what really makes the Yoga standout. For around $1000, it’s still relatively thin and light compared to other pc/tablet hybrids: offering quality speeds and a touchscreen that works great alongside Windows 8 tile system. Just gaze at the design when hitting the register, close your eyes, and chant: “Mmmm…all this for a grand.”

2012 holiday gift guide sony vaio t13

Sony VAIO T13

Price: $
For those who play more to Ebenezer than Daddy Warbucks when it comes to what’s under the tree, the Sony Vaio T13 can fit the bill. A Core i5 processor and sturdy touchpad wrapped in a sexy aluminum body speak can attest to that. Yes it skimps on the SSD in exchange for a 500GB hard drive and 32GB flash drive, but the performance doesn’t suffer much, making the T13 a great value pick.

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