YouTube Music Key Subscription Service

Linda Tell November 13, 2014 0

People have been using YouTube to listen to music for a while now, and the site owners have finally caught on. Starting Monday, the Google-owned site will offer YouTube Music Key: a $10 a month subscription to ad-free music both online and on-the-go.

With ‘background listening,’ the service will continue audio even while your device is set to its lock screen. And with ‘offline playback,’ there’s no need for wifi access.

While subscription-funded music sites are nothing new, YouTube brings a couple of perks to its unique service. First of all, it offers videos in addition to audio; something other services have yet to feature. But more importantly, YouTube has the numbers: there are millions of videos, artists, and collaborations waiting to be discovered by the masses.

Those who subscribe to Google Play Music will automatically have access to Music Key. The same applies vice versa. Others will want to snag a subscription on youtube’s website: