Xgamer Gaming Tablet is Pure Portable Gaming Awesomeness

evolveteam April 13, 2015 0
Xgamer Gaming Tablet concept

When it comes to gaming tablets, it’s an incredibly niche market that has yet to blow up. In fact, the only real player making any sort of leeway, and by that we mean actually releasing products in the category, is Nvidia with the Shield tablet. While it’s a cool device to run around the city with playing PC titles on the go, it’s not exactly something people are going crazy to buy. Maybe the product category needs something more cutting-edge.

Let’s look no further than the Xgamer tablet—a gaming slate concept designed by Beau Reid that features an innovative design and some sweet specs. The device supposedly uses “accelerated gaming,” along with a curved 10-inch LED screen with 180-degree viewing angle to create a more cinematic experience for gamers. Inside is a state of the art GPU and curve-shaped chassis that feels better for portable gaming with controls placed in the back.

You might notice the speakers are in the curved front side. We can only speculate as to what CPU(s) is running inside: Exynos, Tegra X1 or Qualcomm. Either way, this thing obviously deserves its own Kickstater. Wouldn’t you agree?

Xgamer Gaming Tablet