The Xbox One Will Get A Redesigned UI

Jager Robinson June 15, 2015 0

Thank you Microsoft, for finally listening this year.

Microsoft has shown us that they actually care with the announcement of the Elite Xbox One Controller and Backwards Compatibility but this is the final step at redemption…. a (hopefully) working UI.

The Xbox One’s UI has been a topic of conversation for awhile. It is slow, clunky and unworkable, well it seems that the team at Xbox are ready to fix all of that.

The new UI looks fast and sleek. Almost like the PS4’s UI but in its own sort of style. The menu’s are nicer, the party and friends systems are quicker… It is all around a better system.

There is no release date for this update but Major Nelson does say Holiday so assume it will be out in the next 6 months.

Stay tuned Xbox One fans, our day of reckoning is upon us. If you are having trouble believing me that Microsoft actually cares, be sure to check out our Best Of Microsoft E3 2015 Showcase!