WTF: The 10 Craziest Final Destination Death Scenes

evolveteam August 12, 2011 1

4. Stifler’s Buzz Cut (Final Destination)

Poor Stifler. Sorry wrong movie. Billy Hitchcock (Sean William Scott) just seems to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. After bully Carter (Kerr Smith) parks his car in front of a railroad, frenemy Alex saves him from an oncoming train, leaving his ride completely totaled. So what about Billy? He finally steps up to his aggressor and comes head-to-head instead with a sharp piece of flying metal that was left in the wreck.

3. Burn Baby Burn (Final Destination 3)

Ashley Freund (Chelan Simmons) and Ashlyn Halperin (Crystal Lowe) are hot enough to set off McKinley High’s sprinkler system. But when they decide to go for a tanning session after class, that’s when things really start to heat up. Watch as these two show us the hazards of baking in a tanning bed. You’ll want to stick to spray tans after seeing this.

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