Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Launch Trailer Revives Series

evolveteam May 6, 2015 0

In honor of the release of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood that is currently released, Bethesda has come out with a very special launch trailer to go alongside MachineGames’ classic first-person shooter title. The story of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood takes place just before the events of the game Wolfenstein: The New Order that includes two intermingling storylines that span over eight different and unique chapters. Taking place in 1946 right at the end of World War II, players will take control of classic protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz who must stop not only insane prison wardens but also an evil Nazi Archaeologist from unleashing supposedly ancient and evil powers upon the world.

Earlier in the week though Bethesda said they would also release nine different Nightmare levels pulled from Wolfenstein: 3D would be added in for long time fans of the franchise. So it seems this classic First-Person Shooter is getting the fresh start it needed in this new and modern world. Wolfenstein: the Old Blood is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC in two parts that sell for a grand total of $20, a cheap price for such an awesome game.