What's In Your Queue?

evolveteam May 12, 2009 0
This prequel tells the origin story of how the Lycans and the Death Dealers began their brutal fued. Followers of the series will find the same action and entertainment value they’ve enjoyed from the first two films. Plus the acting talents of British thespians Bill Nighy and Martin Sheen give the film some acting quality. Something the first two flims lacked.

Its the Bourne Identity meets The Professional. Liam Neeson is the epitome of bad-ass as a retired CIA agent searching for his kidnapped daughter in France. The action sequences alone will keep you chugging Red Bulls at the edge of your couch. Those baddies picked the wrong daddy to piss off.

This sequel to the cult-classic Donnie Darko follows Donnie’s sister seven years later as she experiences the same sinister preminitions her deceased brother foresaw. The first film was an acid trip, so hopefully this follow-up can live up to the hype. What do you have to lose by checking it out? That’s exactly what I thought.