What's In Your Queue?

evolveteam August 18, 2009 0

Remake lane brings us a modern-day rendition of the 1970’s Wes Craven thriller, The Last House on the Left. More morbidly disturbing than the original, this version of the cult horror classic produces a couple of new plot twists and uniquely devised fatalities to keep your stomach circling like a washing machine. A quality cast of C-list actors help make this movie a worthy selection for your queue.

If one boxing champion deserves his own documentary, you better believe its Mike Tyson. Relive the rise and fall of the former boxing champ as filmmaker James Toback invites fans and moviegoers to experience Mike’s hard upbringing in Brownsville, Brooklyn to achieving his biggest accomplishment of becoming one of the greatest Heavyweight champs of all-time. While his legacy has been tarnished with numerous mishaps, Tyson is a documentary that reflects on the greatness that was once Iron Mike.