What's In Your Queue?

evolveteam August 4, 2009 0

John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China is like an adult comic book with great action scenes and supernatural thrills. Now we can all experience the horror legend’s second most underrated film on Blu-ray. Kurt Russell is the epitome of a douchbag as truck driver Jack Burton, who helps his close friend save his fiancee from a 2000-year old magician named Lo Pan. Silly, Yes! Entertaining, Definitely!

Who remembers this Looney Tunes made for VHS flick? This Ghostbusters spoof has the looniest of all cartoon characters, Daffy Duck, opening his own paranormalist agency and hiring a few old friends to help him run the business. So what if half of the film is spliced cartoon episodes, its great revisiting childhood classics.

Here’s an interesting tale of what Mother Earth could possibly become in the year 2707. War rages on our planet, as four of the biggest Corporations battle over the scarce amount of resources left on Earth. As guns continue to blaze on the surface, an ancient seal is shattered and releases a horrific mutant army onto the deadly battlefield. Now its up to a group of soldiers to save mankind from extinction. LOL!