What's In Your Queue?

evolveteam June 30, 2009 0
The WWE’s poster child continues to challenge the Rock on the Hollywood front. This action-packed title introduces us to Detective Danny Fisher (Cena); a cop who captures a thief, and mistakingly kills his accomplice/girlfriend. After his arrestee escapes prison, the tables turn, and Danny must engage in a game of 12 dangerous puzzles in order to save the love of his life. Curiosity tells you to check it out.

Hands down this is Spike Lee’s tour de force. This melting pot tale of different ethnic groups surviving a scorching hot summer and racial tension in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, is an event everyone must experience. Incredible performances from Spike Lee, Danny Aiello and Ossie Davis, plus the surprisingly memorable supporting cast, stand the test of time 20 years later.

Vince’s career is plunging quicker than Lindsay Lohan’s, considering his latest moive bomb has put his acting career in limbo. With Eric managing his own firm, Drama handling his hit television program and Turtle mackin’ a number of surprising hotties, all eyes are on Ari Gold to get Vinnie’s career back on track. Yea, this season focused more on developing stories for the side characters, but its conclusion will leave you stoked for Season 6.