Weed Buy Gone Wrong In Ghetto Mortal Kombat Spoof

evolveteam January 27, 2012 0
Ghetto Street fighter vs Mortal Kombat Spoof

“Ay bruh. You need to chill the f*ck out, rocking a damn lamp shade on your head and sh*t.” Who knew Ryu was such a comedian. Raiden and Baraka hit the hood for some of that sticky-icky and find themselves buying from the worst supplier they could possible encounter. Pretty funny stuff. The captured animations and cameos only add to the hilarity. Props to YouTuber DashieXP for getting this up. Watch the Mortal Kombat spoof below, and if you’re looking for something less…ghetto…check out the awesome Pacman and Mega Man character trailer for Street Fighter x Tekken here.