Turtle Beach Shows off Headsets for All Platforms

Angelina Montez December 10, 2014 0
Tutle Beach sTealth 500X

Adding to its massive collection of gaming headsets, Turtle Beach introduces three new additions to its arsenal: the Stealth 500X, Elite 800, and Ear Force i30. Whether you own a PS4, Xbox One, or choose to play only mobile games, the company has made something feasible for all gamers. Here is a breakdown of the latest headsets below.

Tutle Beach sTealth 500X

Stealth 500X

Price: $229.95
Platform: Xbox One and Mobile
Turtle Beach is offering players the freedom to game without wires. The headset comes equipped with DTS surround sound modes that allow you to customize your audio. Set your volume controls straight from the headset, allowing to switch up chat volume and game volume all at once. Do you have a habit of yelling into your mic? With Mic Monitoring, that will no longer be an issue, you can now hear your own voice in the headset that will cause one to stop yelling. Dynamic Chat Boost raises the chat volume automatically when gameplay gets loud. Comfort is a must when it comes to those long nights of gaming, the Stealth 500X offers cushion ear mesh cushions, so not only will you be comfortable, but also stay dry. The mesh helps by letting air in so you won’t sweat covering your ears. Not only does the 500X work for the Xbox One, but comes with mobile cables for music, movies and mobile gaming. With a built-in rechargeable battery giving you up to 15 hours of wireless gaming, hearing your mobile notifications, or take calls while gaming by hooking up your mobile phone to the headset. This headset is a must have you if own an Xbox One.


Elite 800

Price: $299.99
Platform: PS4, PS3, and Mobile
Tired of the ambient noises in the background? The Elite 800 offers noise cancellation, which will drown out all the unnecessary noises you don’t want to hear. But for those you of you that like to hear your surroundings, you do have an option to turn noise cancellation on and off. The 800 comes with dual hidden microphones, 7.1 Channel Surround Sound, Mic Monitoring and Superhuman Hearing, which allows you to hear footsteps and tanks before your enemy can see you. Whether you’re using the Elite for gaming at home or tournament-wise, you won’t have to worry about charging the headset anytime soon, as one charge will get up to 10 hours of use. The Turtle Beach Elite 800 offers perks upon purchase. The Elite Membership Program offers you special bonuses and awesome benefits such as: 2 year extend warranty, free Twitch Turbo trial membership and much more. You also get mobile cables allowing you to use them on your mobile devices.


Ear Force i30

Price: $199.95
Platform: iOS, Bluetooth-enabled PC and Android devices
Turtle Beach steps it up on the mobile scene. The sleek design of the i30 catches your eyes with its white, sliver, and red colors. This Bluetooth headset is perfect for gamers on the go, or if you want that professional surround sound for watching movies and listening to music. Noise cancellation is also offered on the i30’s. No need to switch out headsets when it comes to answering calls, you can speak freely through the invisible mic the i30 has. The i30 comes with memory foam ear cushions allowing for a comfortable digital lifestyle.