Trip Hawkins Teams Up With Skillz to Bring eSports to Mobile

Angelina Montez December 15, 2014 0

It seems eSports is not just for PC and Console gamers anymore. Mobile gaming just received a huge endorsement this week. Trip Hawkins, who you may know as the man who founded EA (Electronic Arts) has joined forces with Skillz in order to help bring eSports to mobile gaming. It’s been estimated that over 1.5 billion people play video games on a mobile device worldwide.

Skillz is a San Francisco based startup company, which has developed a proprietary platform that allows eSports tournaments to be played inside of mobile games, creating an entirely new division of the gaming industry. The company is already reporting partnership with over 350 game developers and is operating more than 100,000 tournaments per day with hundreds of mobile titles. Skillz has also said that players competing in the companies enabled games are winning more than 10,000 per day on average.

Players who are interested in competing online, or would like to know more information on the site, can visit Skillz Mobile on your mobile device and Skillz on your PC.