Treyarch Explains Black Ops 2 Futuristic Technology and Weaponry

evolveteam December 12, 2012 0
Black Ops 2 Futuristic Technology and Weaponry

Millions of Black Ops 2 owners are experiencing the insurmountable development layers of the year’s biggest selling game as we speak. But after putting in countless hours online and tallying up numerous kills with the game’s massive collection of firearms: did you ever question the technology was behind your favorite gun? Or how developers Treyarch managed to score the inside track behind today’s most advanced weaponry? We asked Director of Communications, John Rafacz, how the BO2 team scored the 411 on the latest real-life (and unseen) weaponry in the game, along with its historical inspiration and the several other advanced technologies used to enhance gameplay. Very intriguing stuff!

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