Toshiba Libretto Say 2 Screens are Better Than 1

evolveteam June 25, 2010 0

A two-screen personal PC? Believe it! Toshiba’s Libretto W1000 ultra mobile PC features dual 7-inch diagonal dual-touch LCD screens and a 10-inch display, which extends the desktop and displays all apps on either screen. Both touchscreens rock a WSVGA pixel resolution and LEF backlighting, plus features a virtual keyboard with vibration feedback. It comes packaged with Windows 7 Home Premium, runs a 1.2 GHz Intel Pentium U5400 (CULV) processor and comes with 2GB of RAM—along with Bluetooth integration, optical mobile broadband, 1.02 MP webcam and more. Toshiba hasn’t announced a price or release date, but Japan will receive it sometime this August. Hopefully we get it this year.