The PSP GO Leaked Before E3!

evolveteam May 30, 2009 0

We’re teasing of course with the system name, but screenshots and footage of the new PSP handheld (dubbed the PSP Go) have hit the web before E3-goers get a glimpse of it firsthand. The ballsy folks at Qore shared some interesting tidbits with the World Wide Web, releasing snapshots and video footage of the system. The PSP Go will have a 3.8” screen, a button-layout similar to the Sidekick, 16GB of flash memory, Bluetooth support and is supposedly 43% lighter than the recent PSP model. Plus, there is no more UMD support.

A brand new Gran Turismo title will be announced with the system, as well as a new installment of Metal Gear Solid. One things for sure, LittleBigPlanet and Jak & Daxter will be playable titles on the system. The PSP Go is set for a fall release, while the PSP-3000 model will still be available for purchase, which will slowly but surely fade into the background. No price is confirmed as of yet.