The Beats' Spin Headphones Launch Audiophiles into a Whirlwind

evolveteam January 11, 2010 0

The Beats brand are a breakthrough in professional music listening and audio equipment, and the Beats Spin headphones are nothing short of brilliant—combining sophisticated construction and advanced sonic technologies to deliver the power, extra durability and sound isolation that until now has been lacking in professional headphones. The Spin headphones are tailored for use by working DJs, producers, engineers, musicians and oh course, all music devotees.

Legendary Hip-Hop producer Dr. Dre states, “We created headphones that are specifically designed for the people on the frontlines: engineers, producers, djs…I basically wake up with headphones on….trust me, these are the sh*t,” and the sh*t they are—introducing new innovative “spins” on features such as Unprecedented Durability, Sound Isolation, On-the-Fly Mixing and Sharing, Cord Management, Plus ControlTalk, and Swiveling Ear Cups. Every aspect of the Beats Spin is designed for rock-solid durability.

All components of the all-important headphone hinge are made of metal, unlike the plastic components used by other pro headphones. In addition, both Beats Spin earpieces feature specially designed Monster patented jacks that can serve as both inputs or outputs. This unique configuration allows users to quickly and easily send and accept signals from a soundboard or share their creative mixes with fellow artists.

The problem of tangled cables is tackled with several key modifications. The Beats Spin feature a long 6-foot cord, and unlike many professional headphone models, which utilize 9- or 12-inch coiled sections, the coiled section of the Beats Spin cable is just 3” long (expandable to 1-foot). This allows owners just the right amount of coil for long reaches, but avoids the high tangle properties of longer coil cables. Beats Spin also offer a second cord option for added flexibility in everyday use, as well-packed with Monster’s super-convenient ControlTalk. Also, both ear cups swivel back easily for greater artistic freedom and flexibility and can be easily removed for washing. This same swivel mechanism also plays a role in helping Beats Spin headphones super compact when folded away for storage.

These goliaths will be available in black or white for $349. Monster Headphones continue to illustrate their dominance!