The 5 Hottest 3D TVs For The Fall Sports Season

evolveteam September 8, 2011 0

Words by Danitha Jones

The fall is easily the busiest sports season throughout the year with the NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football, and the NBA (hopefully) in full effect. After dealing with an unbearable work week, you just want to parlay on the couch solo, or with your fantasy league buddies, and kickback watching sports games the entire weekend. And with NFL opening day kicking off this week, plus the MLB playoffs approaching, what better way to get into the action and liven the bromantic environment with out-of-this-world picture quality from the finest 3D TVs on the market. Pull out the checkbook, or rally up the broskees for some financial contributions, and put your benjamins towards the hottest 3D TVs.

Sony Bravia XBR-55HX929

Price: $2,969.99

True entertainment has no boundaries. Sony’s 55-inch LED LCD 3D TV produces high-picture quality and combines Intelligent Peak LED Backlight and Sony OptiContrast technology to deliver vibrant colors and stunning visuals. Watch 3D NCAA Bowl games in full HD 1080P thanks to Sony’s Motionflow XR 960 feature, which enhances image sharpness and reduces blur by controlling the “blink of LED backlight.” To experience the true 3D experience, owners will need to invest in additional 3D active glasses, but if you’re dropping close to three grand for this beauty, the extra add-on can’t do anymore damage to your already expensive Best Buy bill. Aside from the occasional channel surfing, you’ll find plenty of other useful alternatives here including the ability to stream movies and trash talk on Facebook or Twitter, plus download apps with the built-in wi-fi.

Samsung UN46D8000

Price: $1,897.99

View eye-popping 2D and 3D imagery in full HD 1080p on a well-designed 46-inch box set donned in a sleek ultra-slim bezel. Samsung’s “micro dimming” approach utilizes a new light dispersal plate that is said to improve picture consistency and better contrast quality. Built-in wi-fi lets you video chat with Skype and download apps from Samsungs Smart Hub, too. It also comes bundled with a dual-sided Bluetooth keyboard with a screen and a QWERTY keyboard to accommodate faster sports channel searches. Trust us, you’ll need it to catch up on any international and NCAA b-ball games, especially if the NBA doesn’t get it together.

Panasonic TC-P65VT30

Price: $3,939.98

This 65-inch 3D beast dishes out exceptional 1080p output and generates high-quality 3D picture quality. Baseball fans looking to rest their eyes after those long-enduing extra innings games have the option of putting down their shutter control 3D glasses and switch over to 2D mode. The universal remote offers access to just about any of your other electronic gadgets ranging form a 3D camcorder to a Blu-ray or DVD player. Another sick feature found on the TC-P65VT30 is Game Mode, which tweaks the television’s settings to produce sharper detailing and faster frame rates. The addition of four HDMI connections and three USB ports in the back only solidify its multimedia dominance.

LG Infinia 50PX950

Price: $1,899.00

LG’s 50-inch boasts a chic single-plane design and 2-inch-deep panel, and offers full 1080p picture quality on its eye-popping edge-to-edge display. It’s Magic Wand controller supports motion-sensor capability like the Nintendo Wii and allows you to select menu options or change sports channels. The latest Infinia offers a variety of streaming and interactive features such as Netflix, Vudu, and YouTube, plus offers users the option to view content in 2D or 3D. On top of that, LG gives you rechargeable batteries for your 3D glasses that can be recharged using the included USB cable. Finally, the external LG Wireless Media Box option lets you connect HDMI and several devices wirelessly.

Samsung PN59D8000

Price: $1,909.00

Possibly the best-looking plasma TV on the market, Samsung’s 59-incher generates stunning and bright 3D imagery. Like the UN46D800, the PSN59D80 comes bundled with the same dual-sided Bluetooth keyboard, as well as the Smart Media Hub portal that boasts a number of apps, a web browser, and several streaming services. The Local Contrast Enhancer (LCE) feature serves as an enhancement that automatically optimizes contrast separately on different areas of a picture, which means you’ll see clearer decapitation-like hits on the gridiron. It’s capable of handling 1080p content with ease and offers incredible VGA output at 1,920 x 1,080-pixel resolution.