The 5 Funniest Xbox One YouTube Reactions

evolveteam May 23, 2013 1

Lord Vargar Speaks

Youtube channel: lord vargar
“I am a culmination of anger right now. I watched the Xbox “One” reveal…We now are watching the end of Microsoft in the gaming industry.”

“But Microsoft just said, “hey, guess what? We are starting to take the lead in the gaming console with the 360, we even put in great games like Minecraft and Halo 4, not to mention a new Call of Duty. So lets load this gun, cock it, put to our heads and blow our brains out.”

“The fact that you’re going to kill Gamestop, you’re going to kill any store like Gamestop. You’re, I mean, all they’re going to be able to do is sell used PlayStation and used Nintendo games now because you are not going to allow used games.”

“I could care less. I’m not Tony Stark from Iron Man, I don’t want to go “Xbox (hand gesture movements)…(slaps belly) do I look like I care about Kinect? Kinect is not my idea of fun. I’m not freaking Iron Man. I’m not Tony Stark. I don’t want to swipe screens all day. It’s exhausting”

“We don’t want a game system that doesn’t play games. Oh, rather, it will, but you have to play extra money. We have to (baby crying in background) buy it for each individual person?”

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