The 5 Funniest Xbox One YouTube Reactions

evolveteam May 23, 2013 1

“Who Gives A Sh*T?”

Youtube channel: The1316killer
“For all you gamers out there, that are gonna have a shit fit cause you’re fan boys, I’ve had systems before you were even an itch in your daddy’s nut sack.”

“Guess what Xbox really didn’t show. Was any kinda specs, like Sony showed.”

“Who gives a sh*t about exclusive FIFA content. Maybe some Europeans? I don’t know. But FIFA sells much better in the European market on the PlayStation because the PlayStation is more popular in the European area. So maybe that’s why Microsoft dished out a bunch of money to EA and at this point: Who really loves EA?”

“I was very unimpressed. I hope they show better at E3 because…I don’t know…just not impressed. What’s it gonna be? You’re gonna have a Kinect? I didn’t never buy the first Kinect? Why? Because it was a Wii rip-off.”

“And then they showed Forza, and it was even in-game. It was some stupid CGI trailer. And then they showed EA games. Who gives a sh*t?”

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