The 5 Funniest Xbox One YouTube Reactions

evolveteam May 23, 2013 1

Angry Joe Goes In

Youtube channel: AngryJoeShow
“This is literally the worst reveal event I’ve ever seen. This literally, if you can not bring your big guns, if you can not bring “the good stuff,” to your reveal…DON’T DO THE REVEAL!”

“But what they had an opportunity to show us, is how the Xbox evolves the game…the gaming experience. And how did they do that today? By telling us that the next evolution of gaming is a f*cking voice remote control for your television…TELEVISION!”

“I just got sent a link right now. Xbox One, Microsoft confirms pre-owned free, PRE-OWNED FEE for Xbox One, mandatory game installation required for all games. Second install on separate Live accounts sits behind a pay wall. A f*cking message pops up saying “GIVE US MONEY GOD DAMNIT!”

“I can not believe this press conference. It literally was all about television, even the games looked like television dramas. What was it? Quantum Theory or something?”

“WOW! This really is the beginning of the end of Microsoft. Right when they’re not really doing all that well. I thought…they’ve lost their way here.”

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