The 5 Best Concepts Cars of the 2013 NY Auto Show

evolveteam March 29, 2013 1
5 Best Concept Cars of the 2013 NY Auto Show

Why bore you with a spiel about the 2013 NY Auto Show getting underway at the Jacob Javits Center. If you’re up on the latest auto news, then the announcement is nothing breaking. However, spotlighting what’s being showcased at this year’s expo is something completely different that surely draws your interest. And before making our final rounds this weekend to lock in “Best in Show” recommendations, Evolve took time out during the convention’s press days to get a glimpse of the most popular concept vehicles to hit the showroom floor. Some made noise earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show, while others had their covers pulled off within the past 48 hours. No matter the fresh rate, they’re all ending up on your Instagram feed. So before heading out, we suggest checking out the 5 Best Concepts Cars of the 2013 NY Auto Show.

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