The 15 Hottest DecalGirl Nintendo 3DS XL Decals

evolveteam October 4, 2012 0
15 Hottest DecalGirl Nintendo 3DS XL Decals

The Big N was quick to give its next-gen handheld the XL treatment, which many would attribute to the disappointing success of the Nintendo 3DS. Boasting a bigger screen, better 3DS visuals, and improved batter life—we’re looking at the essential portable system Nintendo should have originally launched. Anyways, that’s in the past. Just fresh of its launch, the Nintendo 3DS XL is still proving to be the must-own handheld going into the holidays. And with hardcore 3DS’ers already running out to cop the system, everyone is looking for a way to swag out their device.

Let us re-introduce you to one of the dopest decal makers in the game: DecalGirl. The gadget skins expert has built a strong rep over the years thanks impart to its artistic offerings. So if pimping your system is on the bucket list, we recommend browsing through our list of the 15 Hottest DecalGirl Nintendo 3DS XL Decals.

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