The 10 Hottest Modern Warfare 3 Collectibles

evolveteam November 10, 2011 0
Modern Warfare 3 Memorabilia

The Call of Duty series has become more than a blockbuster video game—it’s become a brand. And with the release of the Modern Warfare 3, as hardcore fans of the series, we’re prone to falling for anything that embroiders aCOD logo. In other words: video game memorabilia. C’mon. The thought of owning limited edition accessories or custom-made apparel gets you giddy every time you anticipate the next huge video game launch. With a ton of merchandising companies jumping on the marketing bandwagon, there’s some really dope MW3-inspired momentos available on the Web, at retail chains, and even auto showroom floors. You’ll see what we’re talking about. So let’s see if your gaming obsession gets the better of you after taking a look at the 10 Hottest Modern Warfare 3 Collectibles.

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