The 10 Funniest iPhone Maps App Memes

evolveteam October 2, 2012 0
The Funniest iPhone Maps Memes

Everyone who ran out and copped a iPhone 5 has either experienced or heard about Apple’s horrendous 3D maps program, which the Cupertino Clan billed as its killer application for the next-gen smartphone. To call it a massive failure is belittling. When the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, is issuing a public apology and saying all expectations “fell short”…what does that tell you? Exactly. A number of comedians have already jumped on the meme bandwagon and initiated the virtual ribbing session that’s sure to spread like wildfire in the next coming weeks regarding the iOS 6 software. So for now we put together this collection of the 10 Funniest iPhone Maps Memes surfacing on the Web. Join in on the laughs.

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