The 10 Best Mobile Games of April ’13

evolveteam April 30, 2013 0
best mobile games of april 2013 dream chaser

Dream Chaser

Play a young hero called Nito, who carries the unfortunate task of saving his troubled realm from doom. Run through strings of dream orbs, which provide boosts to go faster, and tilt your iOS device side to side avoiding in-coming danger. With awesome 3D graphics and over 26 missions, Dream Chaser offers enough to keep you busy for hours.
Download it Now at the Apple App Store for $1

Best Mobile games of april 2013 AVP Evolution

AVP: Evolution

Like every other AVP game, players get the option of choosing between the Alien or Predator race. As an Alien, you attempt to destroy the super Predators and free all enslaved xenomorphs. The game features a create-a-character feature for both sides, along with some insane finishing moves to terminate all threats. Fight your way through several locations such as the Temple Arena, Marine Base, and Alien Hive just to name a few.
Download it Now at Google Play for $5

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